Rye River Walk

The exhibition draws on the business of the river, the human trail and the travails of fishing and farming.

“Iconic warning signs, ugly boats, chemical works, futile fences, and the grim and stubborn beauty of the mud is combined with soft grey skies the salty snap of samphire and constant bleat of lambs.”

This hook line and sinker will be drawn anew in the slanting light of Ivychurch to create a meandering and silent impression embraced by the stone and wood of the church.

Arts in Romney Marsh – Installation in Ivychurch, Romney March.


The Rye River Walk summer residency at the School Creative Centre began with many walks along the bank of the river Rother from Rye to the sea. Pieces of work, both experimental and exploratory were inspired by the sights and sounds of waterside life: the creak and cry of wharf and wildlife, the boat-building detritus, the tidal ooze,

On the opening night of the show, our waterside wanderings were echoed by meandering accordion music.

This residency included ‘walking, talking and drawing’ journeys, studio work, an educational workshop and culminated in an exhibition called Rye River Walk which has taken the form of a temporary installation within the school.

The exhibition shows work by Sarah Palmer and Denise Franklin.  Found objects collected along the inspirational River Rother are interleaved with the work of the artists as part of the description of the environment.